When do you make the next move to second base?

I was dating a lady a couple years ago, and we were hugging and cuddling very quickly but she is a Christian lady, so we knew no sex allowed. But I was trying to be the perfect gentleman and respect her as a lady and a Christian, so I told her that I didn't want to "make a move" and play with her boobs until she said it was okay. As it turns out we were cuddling and sleeping so it just so happened that I ended up touching her boobs and that opened the door to more play.

So it's obvious to me now that you don't ask if it's okay but just do it. But what are the signs that she would be okay with it and that it is the right time to do make a move to more intimate areas?

thank you for speaking out about this topic.

do you want the guy to ask you "will you tell me when it's okay for me to play with your boobs?" or would you want him to do it because you two are getting hot and heavy?


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  • Most women get a "juicy" look. I can c it on their eyes and their mouth when they want to b touched. Sometimes our breathing gets faster, our heart races, we kiss more passionately, or harder...
    U kinda just gotta know ur partner. But never aksy for permission. If she doesn't like it she'll stop u, apologize and move on...


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  • If she saw or felt you were hard and erect (were you)? Then she would make the move or suggestion when she was ready. That has been my experience in some cases.

    • There were times when I was. And I would push up against her but she wasn't ready for that. I'm looking more for going from making out to playing with her boobs, but without asking her to let me know when it's okay to do that. Because ladies don't want to tell us when it's okay to do that type of stuff.

    • If she didn't make a move or suggestion at that stage then she either isn't ready or interested. Older ladies know what they want...

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  • In my experience when girls say they don't want to have sex then don't unless they say it's okay.

    But with the second base, I think it's fine if there was no permission as long as both of you are into it already. I mean... girls get horny too and when they do, they want to be touched, kissed and felt.

    But of course if she tells you to stop, you gotta stop. Don't beg her for more or attempt to open it up again, unless she initiates cause if you do try again even when she tells you to stop, she'll hold that betrayal for a long time, even if she responses again.

    But again, this is my opinion

    • Thank you for the insightful advice.

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    • yeah it is, but if she's not ready yet, like if she's still doing her hair or something, maybe you can inform her that you are willing to wait. :) Girls sometimes take longer to prepare :)

    • I totally get that. And understand they want to look their best.

  • ugh this ones a hard one for me... In my little lack of expereince in guys like force themselves on me and I am less likly to refuse... I really hate that but it might help you out!


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