Should I cut my losses?

My boyfriend of 4 years moved to ga from pa in April for a better job offer. I plan on moving in with hin once i get my license in November and i save up more money. His vacation time doesn't kick in until November. I asked him if once his vacation time kicked in of he could take a few days off so i can fly in amd visit him. He said no he doesn't want to use it yet. That really hurt me that he hasn't seen me since April you think he would be jumping at thw thought of seeing me. Now fast forward a week later he gets a call from his mom saying me and mike who is his step dad and his younger brother and their step siblings might be flying out in feb to cali to see his 27 year old brother. He says he might take the week off for it. Im like let me get this straight so you can't take a few days off to spend time with your own girlfriend who you haven't seen since April but u can take a week off to see your brother oh yeah that makes perfect sense. It gets even better he doesn't even ask me to go with him. Iike wtf. Im sick of after 4 years still coming second best to his family and him not treating me as such. Should i cut my losses and move on?


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  • get over yourself. you, as the GIRLFRIEND, are NEVER more important than family. maybe you should get your priorities straight, because your boyfriend clearly has his in order.

    • Mehh i disagree i have been with him for 4 years its not like its been a month. Im 24 and he is 28. We are adults looking to settle down. It shows me that his priorities are skewed because of the fact tbat he wasn't able to tale any time off to spend with his serious girlfriend that he hasn't seen in months but he can take a whole week off to see his brother. Its not like he split it between the two of us. He didn't even try to compromise thats what pissed me off not the fact that he is taking time off to see his brothet. Not to mention he didn't even ask me if i wanma comr with him. So no you're incorrect saying i need to get over myself