''You are dead to me'' pretty harsh thing to say?

He was dead in my eyes untill my last breath here on earth. He just said ''ok''. Means he doesn't care right? But i stopped caring too, i poured me heart out to him and he stepped on it like i was a low worthy person. He is such an ugly person. he doesn't believe anyone, paranoid and im dissappointed i met him ever.


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  • Try this, 'Why don't you just go and slit you're wrists because no one cares whether you die or live?'


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  • You trying to get a reaction out of him means that you still care somewhat

    • no i didn't i ment it

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    • i did i blocked him, he didn't blocked me tho

    • you asking this question still means you care somewhat. thats just reality

  • Not really if he doesn't care.


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