Should I feel creepy considering her age?

I'm in year nine (15) and she is in year seven. She stares at me a lot when she sees me in public, which is typically on the bus home from school each day. Her friends have also looked at me a bit to. This sounds like Disney but I had a crush on her the first time I saw her, which was in the middle of my last relationship with a girl my age. So I've crushed on her for a while now and I don't know if it's wrong that I like her or not.
But should I be feeling the way I do about her?


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  • Year 7. So she's 11/12? Way too young for a 15 year old. Wait until she's older, seriously.
    The calculator which is pretty good to go off to decide if someone is old enough for you is to divide your age by 2 and plus 7.
    I'm 21 and the youngest I can get with is 17.5 which is good. You're 15 so the youngest you can get with is 14.5 and I think thats very accurate. I remember being in year 7 and having crushes on year 9 boys but they seemed wayy too old. She's still a young girl and is no where near developed yet. Stay away. When you're in year 11 and she's in year 9 thats fair enough because she's pretty mature by then, but currently let her be an innocent year 7, which boys are not at 15.

    • I live in Austraila and year seven is 13 coming on 14, but yeah you might be right still.

    • oh sorry! School years are a little different here haha :P ok 13/14 is a little different but that still sounds young to me! Wait even just one year, you can still be her friend for that year, but don't try to make it anything more until she's a bit more developed

    • Yeah your right, thanks for you opinion :)

  • It's just a 2 year difference

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    • Yeah I'll see how things flow, if i start talking to her and she brings a relashionship up I'll talk to her about it but I'll see how it goes. thanks for the advice :)

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