I'm meeting this girl for lunch, need advice?

K I chose lunch as a way to get face time and make it comfortable for both of us. My questions are should I offer to pay for hers? Should I at the end of the lunch, ask her for a real date, ie dinner and movie or something else more serious than lunch?

I think she likes me but she just got out of a relationship a week ago, I think it was her choosing, but nonetheless, I want to make sure she is ready to date again. Will girls make it obvious they want you to ask for a serious date or do I just have to man up and ask?


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  • Being a MAN means not rushing and not worrying if "she's ready."

    Be a man of power and value. This means you don't WANT every time you spend with her to be "A SERIOUS DATE." Nor does she. This makes dating you too much work and effort. Who wants that?

    Instead get rid of this notion that being with her needs to be "dating her."

    Let the girl worry about such things, while instead worrying about whether she's worth your time, if she's fun enough, or if she's even right for you.

    If you're fun to be with then she'll enjoy spending time with you.

    Also, as a rule, if you're inviting her to join you, then you should offer to pay. Just don't make a habit out of it.

    And Finally: Man up, stop trying to schedule your dating life like a career, and focus on having fun, LEADING the date like a man (driving her, walking her by giving her your arm, suggesting locations and activities, etc) and always be ESCALATING (increasing the sexual banter, the physical touch, and the emotional rapport.)

    Do those things and she'll be begging you to have the "talk" with her (After 10 dates.)

    Have a good time then tell us how it went!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( Full of Hate and Ready to Date: link )


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  • If she just got out of a relationship a week ago, well that is not enough time to have moved on. Not sure how serious it was or if she was the one to breakup or he was. Anyways, don't be surprised that this could be too soon. Take it slow so you do not end up the rebound guy.

    So, yes, you should pay. If she offers to pay for hers, tell her no, you have it. If she is insistent, well she is putting you in the friend zone so not a good thing. And, yes, if you enjoy the first date, at the end of it let her know you would like to see her again and then call her in a day or two at most to arrange the next date. And, yes, you need to man up. More people would get farther in dating if they didn't see not getting a date as a rejection of them. There are so many reasons that a date might not be accepted and in the end it means that the two of you are not necessarily compatible or vibing, so let it go and keep your mind open to meeting Ms. Right.


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  • girls are all different.

    some like to tell you, some like you to tell them.

    i don't know what this girl likes but I would tell you to take it slow otherwise you might lose her.

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