I loved someone but he left me. Do I need psychiatric aid?

I had been loving a guy since one and a half year. We were studying together. I proposed him but he refused to marry me. I always took him as a friend but now I feel he was never my friend. After when he found out I was in love with him, he never missed a chance to let me down upon any argument. Depsite of my being his lover, he never acknowledged me and only hurt me - even among people he used to tell me to hold his bag. When we broke up, he said to me very harsh words like I should leave him and people are gossiping about his repuation. He said I was ill-treating others and then complaining about them. And I should think of it why I am treated that way by him. After few days, I sent him a text saying that I'd appreciate if we both let go of all our misunderstandings and leave college with good memories but he did not reply me. I know it's obvious he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I am regretting the moment I fell in love with such a heartless man. Now whenever I imagine him having good terms with rest of female classmates, I feel hurt. I even imagine him proposing one of another girls in our class, who had always been his close friend. I daily see him liking photos and posts of other girls on social media. I see him every day in dreams. I even saw him hugging another good female friend of his. Am I emotionally too distrubed? Do I need psychiatric aid?


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  • No you just have a broken heart. All you can do is grieve and that will end


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