Girls, I'm attracted to these types of men but it always fails. I can't help myself when it comes to them, is there one who is also good?

Men who are tall, strong, confident, dominant and fearless. One approached me and had me smiling and laughing. I was fixing my hair and my shirt lifted and he reached out and tickled my exposed belly. We went on a few dates. We met by chance at a beach gathering with my friends. I had on a bikini top and shorts, and he put his arm around my waist and tickled my belly. We ended up making out, and he lowered his head and started kissing my belly and I pulled back. He's going after my body but I'm holding him off because I don't know how he'll be after.


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  • You know, it's weird I know I've read this question like 5 times since being here on this site... and it's been worded differently and I'm not suggesting it's you rewriting the question... but it's just weird that I've seen the question so similiarly down to the beach get together and the belly kissing...
    Yeah it sounds like he's just going after your body and that's been the consensus the last few times I've ssen this scenario... there's a difference between confidence and going after someone without invitation... I don't know, you clearly weren't fully comfortable if you pulled back... he's probably just cute and has you thinking not at 100 percent... my honest oppinion don't go for it.
    You know how it goes... it always fails...
    If you have doubt it's there for a reason, wait till you find a guy whose lasting impression on you isn't the belly shit, but that smiling and laughing... I'm not saying wait to find some super timid dude... but if you know you don't work with this type... maybe it's time you go for something different, right?

    • Sometimes I feel really sexy when they feel or kiss my neck back and stomach, do you like that? I just want a strong confident guy who could protect me and also won't use me.

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    • I mean being next to a guy who's tall, built and confident gives me a safe feeling when I'm out

    • Oh I understand... but I just, no offence I think that's sad... you're surely a strong person you know? I really think that honestly you might just need to strengthen yourself and your own confidence so you don't need that...
      Those are traits everyone wants... but it shouldn't be to make you feel safe I guess... You should be pursuing the relationship for more then safety, and I'm sure you are... but I just really think that you need a change from the guys you've been with if you're noticing a pattern and it's not to your benefit

  • Whats the question?