I HATE my boyfriend?

I'm not the type of person who weighs money, effort or time spent in a relationship. With all of my close friends the check was usually split evenly or carried slightly more by some if one of us was out of a job. My boyfriend earns twice as much as me and though I do barely make six figures it doesn't go far.

Im not a selfish person who keeps score but I cook for him and buy his beer when he stays over which is most the time. It really isn't so much about money but I live downtown and this week he is staying here for convenience and not even seeing me.

i stocked my fridge with beer and things he likes, he has a key and came by today to unload his things. I thought at the very least he would bring some beer for him or a bottle of wine for me but no, he brought liquor for his outing.

Just... I gave so much of myself to him and I now know it's over. I'm stuck with him for three days but I love him no longer. I can't love him after he treats me like this.

Is this normal guy behavior? I'm so heartbroken so hope that it is not.


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  • Why do you call him 'boyfriend ' then?


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