Girls, Which guy would you rather marry?

Ok so I am going to list three guys and you tell me which one you would rather date. I know every single girl that answers this is going to say "well it depends on personality" and to that I say, for this question it doesn't, it doesn't matter how he acts, it doesn't matter how you get along, for this question assume you are forced to marry one of them (you dont need to mention personality either, I already know all girls require that), which do you pick?

Guy 1: He is really funny, really outgoing, and confident although you would consider him a 6 out of 10 attractiveness wise, he has a lot of friends, and goes out a lot with them. He is incredibly smart and has a degree from MIT, although he has a mediocre job as a middle school math teacher. He is fun to be around, but spends a lot of time out with the guys.

Guy 2: He is fairly quiet, and a little awkward to be around sometimes, but he is very handsome and works as a financial analyst on wallstreet so he has a lot of money. He works a lot but when he has free time he spends it with you since he doesn't have many friends. He takes you on trips to cool places, and really loves you (although is awkward in expressing it).

Guy 3: This guy is moderately attractive (like a 7/10), and used to be a college quarterback, he could have gone pro in the NFL but hurt his leg and dropped out of college the following year. He currently works as a plumber because he never got his college degree. He really treats you well and surprises you often with favors, although he sometimes goes out and drinks.

  • Guy 1: Smart, Funny
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  • Guy 2: Handsome, Rich
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  • Guy 3: Athletic, Thoughtful
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  • i was torn between 1 & 2
    3 is out of the question lol

    1 - seems he might be a bit too "outgoing" or maybe that guy who all the girls like and always knows what to say... kinda like a ken doll lol... a little awkwardness is good too
    2- im REALLY leaning more towards him maybe the only downside is that he doesn't seem spontaneous or like he would surprise me/make my jaw drop every now and then, but considering the +ve stuff, thats not bad at all and i think... ok why did i even vote #1 ?

    #2 is great actually lol
    i dont really like guys who are overly quiet or shy (unless its only at first)
    and i actually think awkward flirtation is the best kind xD it sooooooo KEWWWTTTTTTTTT !! <3 haha
    I don't know shows he is trying but is failing because he is nervous xD... ADDDORBKLEE ! haha
    but obviously not 100% of the time lol... but then again who flirt with his wife 100% of the time lol

    yea #2 for me please lol


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  • First guy sounds like he'd spend too much time out with friends and not with me. Guy two sounds dull as hell. Guy three then.

  • First guy I guess. I tend to fall for the funny ones.

  • I picked one. But I like the descriptor for 2 and 3 better after I read the rest. I'd get along way better with any guy that has more time for me, than a guy who makes his friends a priority over our relationship. Already dealt with that. Not my cup of tea.

    Although, 2 was weird... rich business men usually don't have as much free time... so that struck me as odd... lol

    3 sounded spontaneous. Which I adore. So... I don't know. All of them? lol x)

  • I was going to pick guy A but he seems to hangout too much with the guys.

    So I will go with B.

    I didn't learn much about C. Is he quiet or outgoing?

  • Number 2, no doubt. He sounds like my dream guy actually.

  • but whoever i had the most chemistry with

  • Number one winss ha-ha :)

  • I would go for Guy A. I'm not a super clingy person, so I don't need to be around my guy all the time. However I do want to spend some time with him, like a designated date night, and every other night he can go with his friends. I like that he is smart and funny, I was most interested in reading about this guy. That's great he's teaching, and I hope he enjoys that.