Are these girls looking for attention?

I'm on a dating website for teens.. called meet me.
I know what you're thinking i just want a girlfriend to do this and that for me so we can show off and end up like every other couple but no, i am looking for a girlfriend yeah but im not looking for sex or nudes anything like that just someone i can be with through tough times and plan out a future with

I'm homeschooled so i can't really make friends or girlfriends.. my mom is always on the road and i can't really be in a public school because we move so much.

anyways the girls on here are they looking for something serious?
i'm looking for a girl ages 16 - 18. maybe 15 do you think these girls are serious like i am?
they always talk about having broken hearts becuase i guy just wanted her nudes or whatever but on their pictures they always post pictures of their overgrown cleavage and butt.. i mean they ahve overgrown breast at 15 and 16 the size of a 30 year old womans and they wonder why they get done like that for showing it and i was just wondering are they looking for something serious? (70 prcnt of them have already lost their virginity)
i dont think they are... I've always been like 10 years older maturity wise and looking for someone else who is...

i would date older but they dont want someone my age so yeah

are they serious about being in a relation ship or just looking for attention?


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  • Meet me is a terrible place to find quality people

    • i heard... any suggestions?

    • Don't look. The best relationships surprise us. If you actively look for a girlfriend you'll never find one.

    • i heard that before i just hope the day comes

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  • Out of all the dating sites, meet me has the most attention seekers.

    • I'm new to it thanks for telling me it looks like ill uninstall it I don't know...

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  • I would say at that age, most would not be using an app or site like that for serious relationships. It sounds like the want someone to talk to and get attention from, yeah. But I don't use that, so I'm not 100% sure.

  • At that age, most likely not. Most likely they're just looking for someone to chat with and some attention

    • Yeah i think attention is it but the things they do for it..

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