The guy I'm talking to texts all the time, why?

So I'm talking to this guy who I've meet through a mutual friend. It was going fine at first but lately all he does it text. He knows I'm at work and he will text me "what are you doing" and if I don't respond within 5-15 minutes he always texts "..." or "?" or "are you okay?" Why is he doing this and how do I get him to stop. I like to text with my friends a few times a day maybe like 5 times but to hold a conversation I cannot stand it. Is it just me or does anyone else hate this kind of communication? What do I say to him to get him to stop this without coming across as rude. Does this mean he is lonely? desperate? anything will help guys and girls! Thanks!


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  • It doesn't mean anything. Some people like to converse through text, some just like to send messages, and others don't like to text at all. I would just reply to him with a phone call to show you want to talk but not through texting.

  • a) he is interested in you

    b) when you don't respond he thinks you are ignoring him

    and c) if you are not interested in him or him texing you...tell's this easy thing called "talking"


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