Can't tell if he's shy or just trying to be my friend?

Okay here's the deal. I'm so not the type to post stuff like this, but it's driving me nuts.

2 weeks ago, i was assigned to be partners with a guy in my class (im in college). I didn't think anything of him until he asked me to help him study after class that day. We went to the library and sat and talked about life for 2 hours and he asked for my number. He texts me everyday and we hangout whenever im on campus. He's always incredibly nice and we have gotten lunch a few times this week. So it seems obvious that he's into ms right? Nope. He has never even hugged me or came close to me physically. He never even hints at anything. This leads me to believe he has no intentions beyond becoming friends.

Today, I accidentally ignored his text to hangout this morning, not realizing it until i had class with him. He didn't even look at me and it was super uncomfortable. When we got out of class i waited up for him and asked if he was ok. He said yeah and that i never make conversation with him. He seemed pissed. I was really confused and now im upset. Because of all this, I'm really unsure about his feelings towards me and what i should do next.

Thank u guys for reading<3


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  • Tell him how upset you are at the whole incident and tell him you really like him and don't want anything to come between you


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