Guys, I just really, really do not understand men. Responses from guys please?

So there's a guy I met and he needed some help coordianting an event, so I took that as a temp gig and he always wanted long term, but never offered me terms that would allow me to handle real life/bills.

Anyway, I thought he was kind of annoying and selfish, lol, trying to have it all his way and ram it down my throat. Although I did not dislike him, I just figured profesionally (at the time) there was no real opporunity - suffice it to say it took me a while to get rid of him.

So recently, we're friends on Facebook, and we start talking and he invites me to an event. One thing leads to another, we talk some more... he Skype's me and suddenly this was NOT business, and I had no idea that he liked me.

Now having taken me by surpise by this, and he was being very flirtacious, I felt uncomfortable in that moment, so after I while, I told him I wanted to go to bed and sleep. I had to think and I was actually happy about it once the shock wore off.

After that, minimal contact from him, although he keeps making sure I'm getting his event invites, well he didn't call me back like he was supposed to - I'm not a person who likes guys that don't keep their word.

In other words, these are mixed signals and I feel like whatever it is, he's not serious - but I don't understand why guys are all over women one minute and distant and weird the next?

I'm not going to any of his events, and I feel like just never talking to him again... I don't appreciate being played with.


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  • You just said it. You were a play thing. He just wanted to see if you would be interested in him. When he found out he was finished