How do I keep her not bored?

I've been dating my girlfriend for about a week and a half or two weeks. She 17 and I 18. We hang out and skate around and smoke and drink and talk about a lot, deep shit and wack funny zany Stuff. We have friends that can be chill and assholes sometimes. I feel that she will soon get bored Of being around me in the same town and doing the same stuff. How do I keep her attached or interested or not bored.

We are exclusively intimate (sorta obvious I guess, just clarifying)
Also she's my First girlfriend.


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  • All you can do is to be yourself. Additionally continue doing activities like movies, games, sports you know that's what you will do. If she gets bored then she has an attention span of a fly.


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  • If you guys get bored of each other, stop dating.