I finally met a good guy and I can't have him?

Well basically my ex was a complete dick. I lived with him for a few years. We fought a lot he used to hit me. He went to jail and I started getting lonely. This other guy came in my life has the exact opposite. We dated and no body has ever been so nice. I get upset at him because I don't know I can't handle a nice guy. There's the over thinking what does he want he's usering me why is he with me he disturbs better. I really like this guy but I'm pushing him away. How do I control my emotions?


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  • What do you call having someone?

  • Doesn't that suck when that happens?

    • Yes it does. I'm pushing him away and I want him in my life, but these thoughts keep popping up and I get so mad. I don't wanna get hurt again.

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