Supposed 2 have a date tonight - I cancelled & told him my car isn't working and I dont wanna catch public transport. If u were him what would u say?

He just said that's ok he didn't say much else. He lives about a half hour drive from me.


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  • The guy should be picking you up in the first place.

  • Sounds like you are desp. trying to avoid him. You didn't even reschedule. If I were him, I'd be moving on

    • Well I told him I would meet him once my car was fixed but didn't give an exact date

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    • I wanted to see him but really hate public transport especially in this heat so wasn't that desperate to see him

    • I'm just sayin'. If you wanted to see him, you would have done public transport. And it's kind of odd that you had your car "magically" broken, right at date time