I want to fall in love?

I want to fall in love I have had to bfs in my life but I am to closed of an have trouble telling people my problems or things that are on my mind. I don't know how to let my gard down and I don't want to end up alone at the age of 50 how can I meet some one and how can I let my guard down?


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  • I once thought up a game that might help you, it adds just the right amount of pressure and is really good in getting to know someone.

    As silly as it sounds its a variant on Truth or Date i call "Only truth can save me now".
    Its a fun way of getting to know someone very well and helps letting your guard down for sure!

    The rules are simple, this one is not based on getting a bunch of dirty dares off each other and cross your boundaries. Here you both set a death panelty before hand, something you hate doing but are still barely ok with works best. Once you both agree that the panalties are fair you set the amount of lives you have. Although its best to play with a single life multiple lifes can help if your not that comfortable yet.

    The game then works simple, in turn you ask each other any question you like. Its the most fun ofcourse if you try to start light and simple and slowly work your way up to questions your sure the other doesn't want you to ask.

    And ofcourse you are only allowed to speak the truth, no lies! If you do not wish to answer the question you have to take a life. The first person to die will have to do what they agreed on at the beginning of the game.

    So far it had only one outcome for me i won't spoil, but its a very good one!

    • Thank u I will give it a go 😁

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  • meeting someone is difficult but if you do find a good guy, in time your trust in them will build and then you will feel at ease and you'll start to let your guard down

  • I want to fall in love too, shall we?


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