Guys, is saying thank you after sex and leaving directly hurtful?

I had sex with a guy and it was pretty good for both of us. Anyway I had to leave directly because I have work early in the morning. So while he was lying in bed, I want next to him, kissed him, said thank you and that I have to leave now. He was a bit sleepy, yet he asked me to stay. But I said I had work and left.
I am feeling a bit guilty now. Maybe he felt used, for me to leave quickly and saying thank you like it was a favor he did to me or smthng.
He didn t call me back still so...
Should I call him or what? Did I do smthng wrong?


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  • Nothing seems off about or rude. You're in the right and you had a legitimate reason. You're good.


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  • does not matter had sex