I had a dream that my ex and I were getting married what does this mean?

So last night I had a dream that I was back together with my ex and we were getting married. We had a relationship during sophomore year of high school, now it's two years later and she refuses to make eye contact with me even though we have similar friend groups. The relationship wasn't particularly good we were really immature about everything and fought a lot. In the dream we were happy, and weren't being immature about issues and not overreacting. It was like what the relationship should've been in real life. I woke up in the next morning very confused because it felt so real and now I can't help but miss her. I have no problem talking to her but for some reason she can't handle talking to me. She's in a terrible relationship now with a really bad guy that she refuses to leave. What does this dream mean?


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  • I'm no expert but I'd personally say it means you still have feelings for her. I use to take all my dreams so literal.. Id look up dream meanings and got led to many websites. I kept dreaming I was pregnant and giving birth. And was kunda hopefull it would happen. This was 6 years ago. Still no babies.. And no there will be none. But it made sense , I had baby fever and wanted to get pregnant.. So a lot of are dreams are our feelings, and desires. Thats what I do beleive. They say most of are dreams come from our thoughts. Others may really mean that's gonna happen. I wouldn't be too focused on it unless you keep having the same one , that may mean something. Perhaps that relationship of hers may not work out.. But either way you go on with life and let her make her own choices. Bad relationship are not she has to learn on her own. If you are constantly thinking about her call...

    • These dreams keep recurring and they always have to do with my ex and I getting back together in some way. I regret not talking to her about this earlier when maybe I had a better chance but at this point I doubt she'll even answer my call. I honestly think I've waited too long and I should really talk to her. I just don't really know what to say or how to approach the situation.

    • Just let life go on. If its meant she will come back to you, or u may run into her. But don't lose any sleep over it.

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