Girls, Dating a Stripper?

so I strip 2 or 3 nights a week... Couple weeks ago, I met a girl during a male revue. During the show she bought a couple private nude dances from me, and we flirted a lot after the show and exchanged numbers. So we went to the beach a couple days later had a good time and ended up hooking up. We've met up a couple times since then, but lately she seems to be withdrawing... She mentioned she did not know whether she could date a stripper.

What at do you think about dating a stripper?

Please share your thoughts...
Can I get some mo help


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  • Well, I can't say I wouldn't mind dating a stripper. Of course as a female, we will experience some inner conflict and feel weird when our boyfriend strips in front of anyone apart from us. I wouldn't call it insecurity, but it could be a dealbreaker for some gurls.
    If you're serious about her, how about you guys talk it out? Maybe come to a compromise (not saying you have to quit your job but you should consider unless it is indeed your passion) or ask her how does she feel about you continuing on with the job, after all she does visit strip clubs. Personally, I will feel uncomfortable if my boyfriend does such a job, but I won't vehemently object if it is what he enjoys doing.

    • Thanks for your input. She is bothered that she met me at a show, so she thinks I must date women offen from shows becuase of that... I think the other thing too is when I gave her private dances I let her grab my dick and play with it a bit (I'm not supposed to let girls do that and very rarely do) but let her. So I think she thinks several girls are playing with my dick each night I perform?

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    • Yes, but don't confront her about it, it won't be good. But you can use it as a point.
      1. Leave your job and tell her to stop visiting strip clubs (unless you're with her?)
      2. Best option will be this, but it happens to be the hardest. Acceptance on both sides.
      3. Find someone else.

      Always remember to talk through things calmly and compromise. If you're willing to give in to her, and she does love you, she will accept that the two of you have differences and that she shouldn't expect you to change entirely. Good luck, it's obvious that you care about her!

    • Thanks for the advice. I am not going to stop dancing until I find a better career opportunity. I really don't mind her at strip clubs. She has watched me strip since the night we met. She came in with some friends. I stopped at their table and she seemed cool that night except she did not drink much. She drank a bit but not too much the night we met.

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  • Hot! But I would be intimidated and think that you could be a player. If thats not true and it really is this girl that you want then tell her that to reassure her. Girls won't set themselves up to get hurt so she's probably being cautious.

  • I probably couldn't be in a serious long term relationship with a stripper. I would constantly struggle with my jealousy and I don't want to have doubts of trust in my partner. He may never cheat, but if women are paying him lots of money and he's nude... I don't know. I don't think I could do it.

    • Thanks for your opinion!

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    • You seem pretty cool, I wonder what your user name is?

    • That could be why she is pulling away then. It's a difficult situation; if you love what you do it would be a shame to stop your job. But if you really like her and want to work, your job is probably interfering.

      And thanks! Yeah, I am mostly anon on this site lol.