Who do people make going on a date so complicated?

1. The way someone asks is judged. Would you like to go out sometime, apparently means your giving the girl an opportunity to say no. If you said were going out such and such place at this time it's forceful and she may feel like she can't say no and might go even though she doesn't like you which is wrong.

2. Guys should always pay. If your on a first date your still like strangers. Would you pay a stranger money just because they spent time near you, probably not. A date is no different, expecting the guy to pay just means she can use him for a free dinner or movie and then decide no more dates and just played him. First dates or until you really know one another it's better to split the cost so nobody takes advantage of one another financially. If they can't accept that then you know they are money grabbers.

3. It shouldn't matter where you go for a first date, so long as you both like it. Come up with an agreement, and if your not comfortable with it you should be honest and express your feelings to the other person so you both enjoy the night.

4. Guys don't have to always ask a girl out, girls can approach guys and ask, it's not a big deal if you do and if they like you they'll say yes. We don't live in a time where all women are housewives and don't work and need protection, women are more independant now and can do whatever men can, including asking guys out.

Dating shouldn't be this complicated or over analyzed.



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  • Who actually thinks all of that over a date?


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