Girl asked me to come with her to an art viewing, because she's scared of strangers?

there's this girl that im into, this morning she asked me to go with her to an art viewing , because she's scared of 'so many strangers' does this mean she feels safe around me , likes me! Pls your opinions are greatly appreciated!


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  • It's not safeness. If you have social anxiety, having anyone you know well around is enough.


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  • Feels safe, and feels you are more confident than her. Overall it's a good sign.

    If she is just really scared and is really your friend, it might mean nothing more than having someone to rely on in rough situations.

    Whatever happens in the galley will probably show you if there's something more going on in her head


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  • It only means she trusts you and doesn't want to be completely alone and on her own at this function. If she likes you, she'll ask you out or give you other signals.

    If you're into her, this is a chance to show her she can trust you, so I'd advise you to go. But DON'T initiate flirting and DON'T make advances on her because this is NOT a date and she's asking you to be there because that's exactly the kind of stuff she does NOT want to happen to her.

    Good luck! :)