What does it mean if a girl says it would be too weird to date when I asked her out?

I love this chick and have been spending the past few months with her

Do i back off if she says this and try to like be friends or do i try to lose her completely? Do i keep persuing dating?


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  • if you really like her as a person, then just stay friends with her. there's always a chance a friendship could turn into something more. maybe she jsut doesn't like the idea of dating you right now, but maybe she will.
    if you cut her out of ur life completely you'll make urself look like a jerk and thats probably not the goal. but if you can't b friends with her without having feelings then you gotta do whats best for u.
    dont keep pursing her if she's made it clear she's not into you like that. just wait it out and maybe she'll come around, but dont be pushy or annoying or she'll shut u down real fast.

    • Wel I don't know how clear it is because she still wants to hang out every day goto concerts n parties with me too. Also my friends said they could tell she liked me by how she looked at me n playfully hit me and all that... Thought it would be a yes almost for sure

    • maybe she wants to keep her options open.
      or maybe there another reason she doesn't want to date you that she hasn't told you.

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  • She isn't interested in you like that, she just wants to stay as friends.


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  • You've been friendzoned. Move on.


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