Is she just telling me what I want to hear?

I have been seeing someone lately and am not sure how to handle this.
Ever since my last ex, I've done some reflecting. I have a very clear idea of what I want, though it often seems quite out of reach for me.
Anyway, this girl I have been seeing and I have had conversations about what we want later on in our futures. I have indicated to her that I:
1. Do not want children.
2. Like to drink.
3. Like to go to the gym (have mentioned that I would like her to go)
I can tell she really likes me, and she has said that she wants a relationship with me.
She indicated to me that :
1. She is fine with not having children.
2. She does not drink because ever since she lost weight, her tolerance has gone down, HOWEVER she is willing to return to the lifestyle and embrace it with me.
3. She wants to go to the gym, build muscle, and be healthy.
Now I would like to note that though I think she seems very honest and genuine, I am concerned that she is just being so compliant about the former mentioned qualities because she just wants me as her boyfriend. I worry that perhaps, 6 months down the road, she does not see these things through. Far be it from me to change someone or mold them into exactly what I want, but at the same time, there is a part of me that wants to give her a chance.
Should I talk to her about this, noting my concern? Should I rely on my skeptisicm and move on? Or should I see if she actually puts her money where her mouth is?
What are your thoughts?


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  • Take her at her word. Although you are skeptical, you haven't actually given a reason why you should be. Trust has to be given and then as things move along you see how they go, otherwise a conversation with her about unfounded concerns can be damaging to a relationship especially if it appears as coming from a lack of trust. You are dating, you are not yet getting married so take things for what they are.

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