What does this mean, as far as his feelings for me?

I've been seeing this guy for 7 months. He's been divorced 8 years, and dated plenty in between. Last time I slept over, he said he wanted the fan on cause he gets hot when I'm lying next to him. So I said it's probably cause he's wrapped around me when we fall asleep.

He agreed and said that when I'm there, he feels like he has to have a part of him touching/holding me and the only other person he's done that with was his ex wife.

So, my question is does that mean he is more serious or emotionally attached to me than everyone else he's been with?

Any other information please? ?


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  • I think it is a reasonable way to see it. It's no guarantee, but it sure sounds like it !

    • I hope so, but i wish he wasn't apprehensive to share clearly. He always seems like he's holding back.

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    • My pleasure dear lady 😊
      Use that newfound power responsibly lol

    • I will definitely not use that power to hurt him. :)

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  • It means he's more attracted to you

    • More attracted as in he's falling in love?

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    • I wouldn't worry. If you're happy then continue on and see what happens

    • Thanks so much, I am happy so I should be more patient.

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