How do I play it cool with this guy?

So I met this guy on Tinder that I'm really into. We went out once for coffee (and spent about two and a half hours together). The banter was flowing, he's beautiful, he bit his lip and I wanted to reach across the table and attack his face. I had to go back to uni to finish up a paper due the next day so I walked with him towards his college (they're down the street from one another).

One problem: I can't tell if he likes me back because he doesn't text much. I am very distressed.

How should I handle this? I'm limiting myself to initiating one conversation a day so as to not seem super clingy. Any other advice?


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  • When you go hiking attack his face, no regrets. 😉


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  • Tinder is kinda of a hook up site

    • Yes, darling, I'm aware of that. Any useful advice?

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    • Truuuuuuuuuuue. We have plans to go hiking next weekend so I'm trying not to fall all over myself. I'm not in town currently (Canadian Thanksgiving) but I will try that if things don't move fast enough.

    • Just watch out for poison ivy if you have sex in the bush off the trail

  • Wow you don't seem to be the type asking for relationship advice I thought you were an alpha?

  • Give me updates boss.
    I am like a love guru and shit.
    I can be a helpful minion XD


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