How do you stay friends with a guy who rejected you? (sorry it's a long story)?

We've been super close the past few months (he acted like he liked me too). We would talk everyday/hang out often (nothing physical).. I could literally talk to him about anything & he always understood me. Recently I confessed (over gchat haha) that I liked him. He said he had feelings for me too, but he wasn't over his recent breakup and that he was struggling with (what sounds like) depression. He said he couldn't be a good boyfriend now and that he was sorry if he gave the impression he wanted a relationship bc he really couldn't handle one right now. I was hurt b/c i feel like he kinda led me on so I told him to leave me alone and that I didn't wanna stay good friends.

I rarely replied to his texts past week & when I do I give stiff answers. Today I saw he msged me last night & said "Sorry for texting I know you wanted space but I really miss talking to you.. I feel depressed sometimes because I miss you and don't know what to do. You are one of my best friends" This message made me really sad/guilty.. I'm not sure what to do now? I want to continue being friends but I know it'll hurt me more/give me false hope? Thanks for any advice!


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  • Tell him your feelings are hurt because you felt a connection with him and thought it was more than friendship. Tell him you are not mad. You just need some space to sort out your feelings.


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  • Didn't something similar happen with Gwen Stephani? (And Boy George too.. Haha (.


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