Guys, if you broke up with your girlfriend and had mixed feelings about it, would you be open to giving the relationship another chance?

My boyfriend broke up with me and seemed really confused about his feelings towards me. He acted very strangely like somebody coached him into saying things he didn't mean. Anyway, we seem to both share eye contact whenever we're around each other, though it may be a bit uncomfortable at times. And he seems outgoing and happy with other people but quiet and sad by himself. I haven't spoke to him in three weeks would it be okay the somehow contact him?


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  • no way in hell.. forget her and move on

    • yeah try to contact him

    • What made you change your mind? If it helps, he's slowly starting to talk to me more and more.

    • Well if it was me I wouldn't talk to you. If I broke it up it means I gave up on you.
      But maybe he is diferent from me.. and if he wants to talk then maybe you have a chance. So why not try and talk :)

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