EX friends with benefits said "I don't know why we were never together"?

I was seeing a man, on and off, for a year. We broke up two months ago. I'm only calling it a friends with benefits because he would never commit because he was still getting over his EX. We never had a FBW agreement. Two weeks after the split I sent him a text telling him that I had no hard feelings and that I wished him well. He didn't respond at the time. 3 weeks ago I got a text in the afternoon that said, "Glad you feel that way, I hope you're doing well." Like he had my text save this whole time and just now replied to it. I texted back, "I'm fine. I hope you're well too". He didn't say anything after that. This past Friday night he texted, "how are you?" I said “I'm fine, how are you?” He didn't say anything again.

last night he called me and asked if we could see each other. I said no because if we're not in a relationship then I'm not doing anything sexual with him. He started apologizing that he called and got me so upset. He told me "I don't know why we were never together in the beginning." Then he started talking about how he could never make me happy and if we tried at a relationship and he did something wrong I would "freak out" at him. I told him I couldn't make him want to try and that we should just forget it. I texted him later last night and said that I was sorry if he felt I only ever gave him a hard time. He texted me this morning and said, "that's not how I feel darling. I'm sorry I started all this"

Now I'm wondering if he truly wanted us to be together in the beginning but something stopped him (the sadness over his EX) or if it was all just a game. There was countless times when he told me how much he liked me and that I was wonderful to him. But if there were the case we would be together wouldn't it?


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  • Maybe. It sounds like you were eager to make excuses for him before. Why not now.

    It also sounds like he doesn't want to make excuses for his own behavior anymore either.

    So maybe you can hear him out. Tell him you want a monogamous relationship, and he can have you all he wants if he agrees. It seems like he never lied to you. So go ahead and give it a chance. If he lies to you than he lies to you. You might be able to tell. But if you two dipshits really want to make it work finally, than just admit to yourself that that's what you want and try to enjoy your happiness as long as you can.

    • You call yourself giving people advice and you're calling people dipshits? Go straight to hell asshole.

      That man has lied to me plenty of times. Don't make assumptions about what's going. "It seems"? You were able to pull "it seems" out of your ass from that short ass question? You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

    • Listen you low on the totem pole mouth breather. You don't know anything about my situation or what kind a woman I am. What's the matter? Can't get a bitch to suck your miniature, unwashed dick so you're mad at all women? Maybe it's because you're a piece of shit that trolls message board instead of getting rid of that depression gut you have. Dick suckers like you shouldn't be allowed internet access. You do nothing but stink up mankind and make the rest of you computer geek, basement dwellers look bad. Tell your mom I said to change your sheets and wash your socks, you nutted all over them. Jerk off.

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