Do you think he will text me?

So I met this guy couple weeks ago and we hit it off great. We get along great most of the time we sit n talk for hours. Everything is good the sex , conversations etc. On Thursday he slept over for the second time when I drove him to work I couldn't get rid of him. Bye babe million kisses came back in the car for another one I even had to roll down my window for another one and he waved at me when I left. It was his pay day he said we might go out he will text me. He didn't I texted him he responded then nothing he snap chatted me with his friends. I sent one back sayin thanks for replying to me. He sent me a screen shot sayin he didn't get a text. So he texted for a bit then nothing again. We're supposed be gettin a hotel tmr night to go out. On Thursday he said he was really bad at textin he hates it in fact. I just don't get it o know he works a lot but I really like him and he says he likes me a lot n not just for Sex he loves my personality met my family etc I dunno what to do or say or how to act I'm 20 n he's 23 thanks


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  • He'll make time to text you if he's into you