How do I get him to talk to me?

So there's this guy i like but the thing is i kinda of know him. He knows i like him. We have no classes together but i sometimes talk to him on rare occasions. He has lots of friends that are girls and it makes me jealous to see them talking him... i just get so nervous at the thought of going up to him and talking to him. I really like him but i want to get to know him really well. My friends think he isn't worth my time and they also think i can do better than him but he is just so different then any boy i have ever seen. When i talk to him i dont make eye contact and also i start shaking and its really weird. I know he is just a normal person. I am always the one to approach him (which makes sense because i like him) but how can i make it to where he wants to approach me and talk to me first? I am not good with stuff like this i have never had a boyfriend before. I like him so so much i really want him to like me but i dont know how im going to do it. Please help!


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  • Awe poor thing!! I don't know!! I hate guys that have so many girl who are friends with him! It piss me off!

    • Im so new to this thing I don't know how to flirt or anything :( and right!!!