Is it true that if a guy so much as looks at you for more than a few seconds, he thinks you're pretty?

I'm complemented a lot by girls, women and older women and men that I'm beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, etc, but I've never had a boyfriend. I've had guys look at me a lot and keep a conversation going with me, some form friendships with me. But nobody asks me out. I've heard this theory that if a guy so much as pays attention to you for longer than a second (even if only temporary), he finds you pretty? I'm not saying he likes the girl or wants a relationship or anything feel like that, but can one say that if a guy makes an effort to keep a convo going or even initiate the convo, he at least finds her pretty? Because some stuff I've read says that guys don't normally bother even talking to girls they didn't find pretty. Not that they would be rude, they just wouldn't make much effort. Is this true?


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  • I'll check out every girl that I see. For the pretty ones, I really lose time when I stare.

  • Yes, unless you are a tutor, teacher, public servant or someone who must be indifferent to looks in a client-business type relationship. But basically men will look longer if you are pretty.

    You might be so hot looking that men are intimidated?


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