Bad experiences and struggling to meet someone for a relationship…?

this is ridiculous... for years I've been struggling to meet someone... i have tried but just have been unsuccesful. no luck. i mean people make it seem so easy to meet someone, but i can't do it if my life depended on it... i tried dating sites, talking to girls in the same work place, and other places and this is when they show signs of interest too, its not like i start flirting with them and they have not shown signs... and still nothing.

have u had bad experiences or just struggle to meet someone. im 25 by the way.


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  • Ask girls out or take a break and focus on something else.

    • not that simple…where r u from? I'm from maryland

    • I am from CA. And just focus on something else if you have trouble getting dates. Focus on yourself for a while and then get back on dating. Sometimes that's what a number of people do.

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