Is it ok to feel insecure about an ex?

At this point in ny relationship, im not feeling very secure. I think my bfs baby mom wants back in. I also know he talks to another ex. We have the same phone and have accidentally grabbed the others a couple times. She's texted him back while his phone was in my possession as did baby mom. The messages pop up and you can see the message well if theyre short. One asked to treat him to food for his birthday and the other was a long message that only showed a piece of the message. I was so tempted to read the entire message but I chose not to. I didn't bring it up i figured when i gave him his phone he would explain. Gosh. I need to grow some balls or something.


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  • He'll have a relationship with baby mom till baby is grown. He shouldn't be going out to eat and other stuff though. The other he shouldn't communicate with her at all. I'd call him out on it

    • I understand that he will always have some sort of relationship with baby mom. Im just not comfortable with them going out... Just the two. When i got involved he said they didn't talk much and to my knowledge they didn't. He and i have been together 2 n a half years. This is all new to me... The feelings. The insecurity...

    • That isn't right. Ask him how he'd feel if it were reversed

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