What does it mean if he won't say whether or not he loves me?

I've been "dating" this guy for a couple years, and it's complicated, but we're not in a position to be together, so we've been trying to do the friends with benefits thing. Of course, I caught feels and sort of let the L word slip, and he just smiled and kissed me, but didn't say it back. I later asked him if he felt the same and he said he wouldn't answer the question either way. He won't say he does, and he won't say he doesn't. What does that mean? There are a lot of reasons he doesn't want to let himself go there, and we talked about that, but does it mean he does and he just doesn't want to say it because that makes it "too real" or does he not and he's just stringing me along? Help, I'm so confused!


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  • The reason is because he doesn't feel the same and isn't man enough to say so. I doubt he'll ever feel the same no matter what you do


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