No contact for a week?

Guys..honestly how long would you wait to contact a girl you were into. This guy acted very, very interested, we went on a few dates together...great connection... he talked about seeing me again but then just no contact for a week. I text to ask how his weekend was and no reply. Should I count my losses and move on? or am I jumping way too fast into this and maybe in the next week he'll come around...? (If I haven't scared him off yet lol)


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  • It really depends hugely on how enthusiastic the girl seemed, and also if she's giving anything back or just expecting to be chased. I've been on dates after which, when we got home we chatted a lot on Messenger right that evening and all the following evenings as well. And then I've been on dates where it's taken me literally months before I contacted the girl again, because she's either terribly shy or completely uninterested (I don't know which), so I don't want to pressure her every week.

  • it really depends, id definitely give it a little more time. he could have problems with his phone etc. do you have any other means of contacting him? skype, MySpace, Facebook etc?

    • Yeah...Facebook...but I don't want to come accross as needy and I already text so to message on Facebook as well seems clingy, does it not?

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