Could somebody please explain to me?

Today, I reveled to my best friends that I just started seeing this guy. I wasn't planning on telling them, but I needed to be honest with them... So I did. The reason I didn't want to tell them is because this guy is one of our college instructors and I haven't known my friends for that long so I wasn't sure if I could trust them with this secret... But my best friend since kindergarten told me for some reason that I have to tell them, and I listened... Because she's like a sister to me and I trust her advice.

My friends are cool with it, they think he's a good guy and everything...

Then they started lecturing me about sex. Because I told them that he insisted I go to his place next time and he'll cook.
They tell me NO, don't go to his place.
Is it because we've only just started seeing each other?
Well... I don't really know what we are... Last time I checked, we were "friends"...
I mean, I really like him and I'm not like other girls, I don't really care about the "first time" being special and being careful with who I have my first time with... I respect you girls who are like that, but I personally don't get what the big deal is. That's just me.

Going to his place doesn't even necessarily mean we're going to sleep together... Does it?
Even if it happens, what is it that my friends are freaking out about?
That I get pregnant?

Please tell me what my friends are trying to protect me from and what you think I should do... Because I'm an inexperienced and clueless 20-year-old virgin who rarely is this serious about a guy.
Am I being crazy and clueless like they make me seem?

Thank you~! ;)

Not trying to offend anyone, I just personally don't see a problem, as long as i dont get pregnant or get stds or somethin. i think people are too uptight sometimes.
besides, it's not like im fooling around, i really genuinely like this guy


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  • That big possibility that your friends want you to protect your precious virginity..
    And another things is your image.. what kind of girl you are second date come to the guy place?
    something like that.. (sorry if I'm rude)

    yep that's right even you come to his place, you won't have sex with him.. there is possibility of it, in your mind..
    how about in his mind?
    And when you in his place, there is no way to run away when he want has sex with you..

    why you not wait a bit longer? Maybe after the 3rd date? If you really want to have sex with him, then go ahead..
    but if this time i will said it's to early.. you are under his spell now..

    • You're not being rude, thank you for your advice :) I guess it is a bit early to be going to his place.