How can I overcome my insecurities?

Please read all of it. Thank you.
We went on a date with this girl and we've been flirting in the summer. So, i know she's at least somewhat interested. But, at the end of the date when we were splitting up, i asked her if we'd meet again and she said yes. She said yes then I starting walking the other direction. Right after it she added "if you're not busy" and i didn't completely turned to her, just made a gesture to say "not really". Now, it was a very good chance of creating a romantic environment, i could go like "even if i'm busy, i'd like to see you" or somethnig like that, but i couldn't think of it at that moment. I texted her yesterday and she said she was dealing with a homework. WHen i said i shouldn't keep her then, she said okay and the conversation just ended.
Now, i know the ending of our date (splitting up) was really bad, but it's not a dealbreaker right? She was simply busy yesterday, it's not like she lost interest in me because the ending was not as good as it could have been? I'm really insecure about this, please give me some advice.



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  • I agonized a fair bit over how often to contact the girl I'm seeing at first. If you think she's not comfortable with it, then wait another day or two. If you're uncomfortable but she hasn't shown any signs of discomfort with you, then don't wait. It wasn't easy for me to swallow my fears, but nobody ever gets through this process without being a little brave.

    • Yeah, bravery is the key but it can also get you killed, if you know what i mean. Uncertainties have never been my strong suit, andd this is completely uncharted territory for me. I feel like every spot i put my feet on is the edge of a cliff.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Just accept that it's not the end of the world, you're learning, and the longer she's comfortable with you the more that feeling will subside. She's just a person. Think of her as though she were a friend and approach her as such, it'll take the edge off.

    • Thanks, i know it's not the end of the world. In fact, it's the only branch that keeps me from going insane over anxiety.

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