Why do people misinterpret "Dating" and "Being in a relationship"?

I've written a slightly short myTake on this matter, but I'd like to hear from you first why you think this is the case.

Why do people actively consider "Dating" and "Being in a relationship" to be the same thing, when they're not?


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  • I think for it to be a relationship you need to have the The Talk and agree that no one will see other people and that you both really like each other and want to really give this a go. After that chat you can be boyfriend and girlfriend, before that chat then yes you are simply dating.


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  • It's all about labels. They think that they can go right from friends to in a relationship. That's now how it works. They want the status, without doing the work

    • I agree. Relationships seem extremely rushed nowadays.

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  • There are blurred lines. I have been "dating" a guy for 6 months. It has all the hallmarks of a relationship without the title. There is a difference but once you have been dating for a while the differences are minor.


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