I'm 19 and seeing this guy but I'm really scared to kiss him because I've never kissed a guy before?

So yeah I'm a girl, 19 and I'm kinda shy and introverted. I've never had a boyfriend or basicly done anything with a guy, not even a kiss. I've been on 4 dates with this one guy who is 24. I know he has more experience than me and that kinda makes me feel really uncomfortable (even though he is really sweet and respectful of me). I have not told him about my none existing dating life or the fact that I've never been kissed, and to be honest I don't really want him to know because it's kinda embarrassing. He tried to kiss me multiple times since the second date and I've always kinda back off. I'm just really scared that if I do kiss him I'll be so bad at it! I want to kiss him and finally get that first kiss thing over with because i honestly really like the guy. But I'm just so scared and nervous about it! So how do I get over that fear and just let it happen? And do you think he'll be able to that it's my first kiss? Any advice would be great :)


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  • I am 22. I never kissed as well. So If you don't want you can say so to him.


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  • Tell him, 'cause if you keep backing off he'll eventually take it as: she isn't interested in dating me. If he is as sweet and respectful as you say he is he will find it no big deal. I understand it's embarrasing to tell him, but it's better than him finding someone else. Just tell him.. if you guys start dating it eventually will come out so why not be honest about it? Tell him it's a bit scary for you to tell it. I guarantee if he's as you say he is he doesn't care.

    He will notice I guess, but then again he can teach you. Don't be afraid to be bad at it, I mean everyone starts at 0 experience at some point. Even he, he was as inexperienced as you when he had his first kiss. Practice makes perfect, so why not practice on him lol :P

    Good luck and stay calm!



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  • Just let him kiss you, your body will know what to do!
    Hope it helps!