I just need some tips on what should I do to make him want me again as he once did? Please read the details below and help me?

Please don't answer me with moralities like ''you shouldn't even want that blah blah''. I just need some advice, that's all.
I had something with this guy and he reallyyyy liked me, but I was the one who screwed up, that's the problem.
I saw him at a club on Saturday and he was like ''you should call me'' and then I said that he should call me and we had a little argument over that.. he wasn't fine with me saying that he should be the one calling me.
So anyway the next day he sent me a snap saying ''so i should call you?'' and I was like ''indeed'' and then he didn't answer so I sent him a snap saying '' too awesome to answer, ha?'' and then we had a conversation where I said that guys should call girls and not the other way around and he said that maybe this time could be the other way around and I was like ''i don't do the other way around'' and we talked more and then pretty late I finished it when I asked him something (''so what's the problem yith you calling me?''), but he didn't open it until this morning and he didn't answer.
Soo I just need to do something about this guy! I'm used to getting anyone I want but he's a freaking challange and I just need some tips on what should I do to make him want me again as he once did.
I mean before he would send me snaps every day, he wanted to talk to me all the time and then when we kissed at a club he texted me and we had a conversation where we talked about going out and the last text was him saying ''its a deal then! this weekend :)'' and I didn't answer because he said it was a deal!!! He seemed to have taken it the wrong way.. then after that we snaped eachother and stuff but I said something wrong again.. well he took it the wrong way and then everything kind of stopped... until yesterday. But this morning he didn't answer so what the hell?


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  • How old is he?

    • He's 20 and I'm 17 :)

    • Consider moving on.

    • Oh he did answer to ''so what's the problem with you calling me?'' an he was like ''there's no problem, just sayin' ;)''

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