Did I scare him away?

A super hot male customer has come into my work a few times and he eventually asked for my number. After speaking for about a week, where things got very flirty over text, he came back into my work and we ended up hanging out after my shift finished. The day after he messaged me and he asked me about the things that impress me when it comes to guys, as in asking for a full-on criteria for impressing me. Since he asked, I gave him a list of things that impress me. Things on the list were good hygiene, no excessive drugs, alchohol or gambling, social awareness, teaching me new things, punctuality, respecting others, honesty, knowing what you want emotionally and willingness to try new things. I even said that I don't expect any guy to meet ALL of these expectations because I know that no one (including myself) is perfect. But ever since I sent that he has not spoken to me since...(it has been 5 days). Like WTF he was the one who brought it up! And now I'm annoyed. Am I over thinking this or did my expectations scare him away?


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  • He probably doesn't fit ANY of those specifications! You might have caught a lucky break

    • Yeah! I guess I'll get my answer if he comes into work this week.

  • You should talk to him one more time. And I think he feels you are too picky. You need to talk to him right away.

    • Hm maybe but those things are pretty standard, like it would be bad if a guy didn't meet those things on the list! Yeah I'll try that :)

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