What personality do guys like in girls?

I am quite a tomboy.

People describe be as aloof and bitchy at first glance but I'm just shy and I have a unimpressed resting bitch face. I am pretty easygoing and generally nice to people. However I am very sarcastic when with close friends. My way of showing affection is to insult them in the most creative ways possible. I am quite crude in informal settings and I swear quite often. With guy friends I laugh at their gross or inappropriate sexual jokes and make even grosser ones myself. I am very straightforward and I don't pick up on emotions easily.

I am drawn towards adrenaline packed activities such as ice hockey, roller coasters, scary rides, horror and action films, high elements etc. I am also relatively smart; I attend a private girls secondary school on scholarship and can be a geek when it comes to certain subjects.

My understanding is that guys prefer the more cute and feminine kind of girl, not the tomboyish type.

I do have some girly traits like my love for makeup and shopping but that's about it. I don't even dress very femininely. Usually it's skinny jeans, plain tees, heeled combat boots or sneakers and maybe an utility jacket. I would describe my style as a little grungey.

I'm not concerned about me appearance in this aspect as my guy friends have told me that I'm "very doable". But I don't think appearance would do much to keep a guy interested. I'm not interested in dating at the moment but I would prefer to keep my options open. Forever alone does not sound the most appealing.

Thanks in in advance for your input :)


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  • I like assertive, tomboyish, self-confident, sporty type of girls... I've never liked "girly girls", or "feminine" or cute girls because I don't like makeup, or heels, I prefer natural beauty, and fit/athletic kind of girls.


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  • A good sense of humor, easy going , caring and trustworthy

  • Accomodating, assuring and extroverted.


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