Do guys with Asperger's tend to say inappropriate comments?

Example: You visit an alcoholic addiction recovery room with pizza, cake and video games and then say "Man I need to get wasted so I can end up here."

Then somebody says "That's not a good joke."

"Oh, my bad"

Well that's what happened (unintentionally of course) with me yesterday. I'm typically I kind person, but I try not to be so nice to girls since they view it as boring.

How do I say funny things without being a douche?


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  • loser haha... by having a brain and having empathy... like you know alchies likes to get wasted. like why even joke in such a scenario?

    • It's not my fault I was born with this syndrome. You're lacking empathy even more because you think it's SO EASY to make friends and socialize.

      Be glad you aren't born with the curse of autism.

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    • It's not fair!

    • what's not fair? that somebody responded to your question? haha...

  • Yeah things come out our mouths that sound stupid after we think about them but it's to late, just need to think a little longer before saying it