We like eachother but we haven't talked?

Hey there so basically me and this guy like each other and we met in like March-May time earlier this year but we met because my friends were friends with his friends and we happened to be there at the same time. I didn't like him at the time but he's gotten so gorgeous over the summer and I came back to school head over heels for him. I already know him kind of a lot, he's so super nice and now he's gorgeous too? I happened to tell my guy friend who is his friend too and I think he told him I liked him and also on the bus home my friends shouted out the window that I fancied him and he nodded and smiled and said 'i know'. He texted my friend and asked if I fancied him and he admitted he fancied me too and he said he would text me later that nignt but it's been like a week and he hasn't texted me :(. I'm just wondering is there any point? Like is he just saying he fancies me or something for a laugh? I'm not sure because I haven't gotten any acknowledgment from him except how all his friends and like the whole school knows I like him. I'm too shy to text him though but I really want to!! (We are both 14 btw)


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  • I don't think he does like you