What does it mean if a guy asks you if you're getting with other guys?

He started with saying "you must be loving all the guys around colleg" and continued with questions like "you must be getting with a load of guys surely" , but I feel like he's talking to others girls too so what does this mean?


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  • He is not talking about other girls, he is talking about guys specifically. He is saying this to test the water. It is very likely that his ultimate goal is to find out if you are single or not. If you are not, then he wants to know if you get a lot of attractions from guys in your college, anyone after you, etc. If you mention something like "I have a boyfriend", "Yeah, I get along well with all the guys", "I hang out with them a lot" or anything along these lines, prepare that you will hear less from him in the future.

    If you do not want him to ignore you, then say what I mentioned below.
    If you are attracted to him, tell him that he is one of the rare guys that you can get along with.

    Another objective for him to say these lines is to compliment you and make you feel more confident. If you disagree with him and say that you do not get a lot of attention from the guys, then very likely, he will say things such as "no way, you are so pretty. There is no way that no guys call you up!"

  • He wants to know how "single" you are to see the chances of you two becoming exclusive.


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