How do you explain "what's a date feel like" to someone who has never been on one?

Hi there. I have never been in a relationship with a girl my entire life. There was this one good time when I did get the chance to get my dream girl, but alas, education got in the way and messed things up. Anyways.

What is it really like?

I was at the mall one day discussing a college project with my friends. Just in front of me were a young couple, presumably on date. They were seated, holding hands over the table, facing each other like in the movies. So it looks obvious they were on a date.

Watching them got me contemplating,,, what it is like... etc. How it feels to go out with a girl, solely with the intention of... uumm? spending time learning about each other? I perhaps dont even know how to phrase what I am feeling as a question. Lol.


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  • You can't. They have to experience it themselves


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  • A date could end up going in several directions. You could go out with a girl, talk about things, have a pleasant time together, and that's as far as it goes. A girl could end up being a self-centered bitch who only thinks about herself. You could also end up going on a date with a girl, the magic just happens, and you both end up going crazy for each other. You just never know where things go.

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