How do I get a girlfriend under these circumstances?

I graduated college, am working now (to save up for grad school and some personal desire). But, how do i meet a girl that does NOT involve bars, clubs, or random approaching in the street? ( I prefer to meet people through group meetings like friends, clubs, or classes).

But, all my friends moved away or are too busy to see me. I work with men and only 2 women who are 40+, and have no time for new friends due to family.

I also live in San Jose, which has more single men than women, and by the time I get home, everyone is settled in their own homes.

and my best friend who went to grad school in my field (computer science) noticed that his classmates are 95% guys, and they came to the U. S. straight out of China or India, so he has a hard time making friends there, since those people group themselves off with their own kind.

How do I meet girls (or even make friends) in this case?


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  • Use your weekends! I am sure there are clubs or volunteer groups
    that do things for a few hours over the weekend. Go online and look. The internet also isn't a bad place to find a date, so long as you are using a site that is good. Tinder and ok cupid probably aren't so good ahah! Match and eharmony I have heard good things about, but you might have to pay for them.


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  • clubs (as in sport or hobby clubs, not "night clubs") might help a lot. maybe join a facebook group that´s meant for meeting new people. try getting into house parties (by far the best chance of meeting a girl...) if that´s nothing for you either, you might want to try online dating apps/sites. a lot of people get to know their partner on those nowadays.


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  • How everyone else your age does. Through friends, at a bar, somewhere you frequent involving something you like like the gym, the library...

    • Friends - Most moved away or are too busy.

      Gym/library/place i frequent - usually people go there to run their errands, not to socialize.

      Bar - Bad quality women there (and I live in San Jose, so it has MORE men than women)

    • alright well you can't change the environment, all you can change is your expectations. Find a way where you won't be able to blame everyone but yourself as for why you're still single. Otherwise, enjoy being alone.

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