If you were me would you be angry?

Me and this guy only started dating so I'm trying not to overreact about stupid things or overthink. But tonight I messaged him he replied quickly on snapchat to the first few messages but has ignored the last one I sent but is uploading videos of his friends. So should I not take this to heart because he is with his friends watching the game and having fun. So I'm kind of torn between being a little bit hurt and then my friend said its rude what his doing and I should say something. What do you guys think?

  • Don't take it to heart his having fun with his friends and doesn't need his girlfriend annoying him?
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  • I would say something to him but not right now. I would wait for now till his friends are not around because you don't want him or his friends to think you are trying to take him from them. It is something you both are going to have to work on. A relationship is no easy task between school or work and staying in touch with friends in family while still giving you the time and love you need is something you guys are going to have to work on together. I don't think that it's a big problem right now but if he is not willing to change then it will become one. He just can't leave you in the dark when he is with his friends. I hope that will help you that's the best advice I got for ya. Just try to be respectful of his feelings and he need to do the same to you; and if it is truly upsetting you then you need to let him know how you feel just try not to come across as clingy and you will be fine... Good luck

    • We literally only started dating so I don't want to be picking silly fight with him so that's why I thought I'd ask here ☺️ He did answer me back straight away the first few times and put me on video chat to say hello to his best friend so I don't want to get angry with him too much it was just my own friends putting ideas into my head. Because if I was with my friends I wouldn't be texting that much either I suppose because I'd find it rude.

    • Just hang in there I'm sure he didn't mean to upset you in anyway. If he does it a lot to you then I think it could turn into a problem but I'm sure he didn't think it was a big deal for you that he just stopped talking

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  • You are overreacting. Unless the text was urgent ( you should call him by the way at that point), he's spending time with his friends. Let him be.

    • No it wasn't urgent I didn't know he was with his friends when I first text I thought he was alone. Until he put me on video to say hello to them so maybe I should just let him be.

    • You have to learn to pick your battles. If you don't give him his space, he's going to leave.

What Girls Said 2

  • I'd be a little angry too but don't let it bother you just wait until tomorrow.

  • I think he iis only a bit distracted. If you text everyday then a little break would not be bad.