What does it mean when he mirrors the things you do, puts your hand over his heart a lot, kisses your hand, face nose, even in front of his friends?

Its very VERY new, and at one point over text he said he's falling head over heels for me and it kind of scares him how fast its going but that there's something about me, and that I make him go on and on about how he feels. But hasn't said it since. He loves to make me blush and I catch him gazing at me. When were together he always kisses me, or my nose, forehead and face. Even eskimo kisses. He pulls me close or holds my hand. He was willing to drive to another state and be in an uncomfortable position for me. He always asks what i want to do, or will be doing something and come over and caress my face or pull back my hair and give me a sweet peck and go back to his task. He calls me sweetie and always texts me goodnight and sweet dreams even if he knows im sleeping. He thinks everything I do is adorable. We had a car trip and talked for hours and he was touching me in some way the whole time, or says that he misses me.

Yet, when I am sweet or say something back it catches him off guard. I dont know I guess I am extremely nervous because I am and have fallen for him too but its so fast, I am a single mom, and he's a little younger than me and already said he was uncertain about that part. But wanted to see where it goes. Being a single mom I'm more guarded because its not just me I have to think about. And I have fallen but dont want to scare him away, or maybe I'm ready these signs wrong? Basically could he really have fallen for me so soon? I feel like I'm nuts for feeling this way so soon.


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  • hmm yeah he's pretty crazy about u lol. ;) *makes kissing sounds* :P

    nah him being taken aback is merely just the butterflies getting to him a little. after all you've said I'm pretty certain u aren't reading him wrong. just remember that even though u r both falling, one or both of you needs to put a little more control on the pace, because falling too quickly can wind up hurting u both. good luck x

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